Body Treatments and Specialty Massage

Experience the ultimate in relaxation with one of our luxurious spa body treatments. Warm, exotic body wraps, rejuvenating body scrubs and specialty massages are sure to soothe even the most frazzled nerves.


For body treatments you will be asked to undress, but will always be properly draped with a top sheet or towel. Keeping underwear on is an option, and for spa treatments if you are not comfortable without underwear, please bring an extra pair, or wear a bathing suit bottom.

If you are receiving a body polish please do not shave/wax your legs within 8 hours before your treatment.

Spa Body Treatments

Seven Stars Zen Signature

Spa and massage unite in this luxurious Swedish back massage using hot stones and a warm, creamy mixture of mineral mud, green tea, mineral-rich seaweed and aromatic essential oils to nourish, exfoliate and cleanse the back. Soak up the therapeutic heat of our Asian Amethyst Crystal Mat as you receive a finishing head & neck massage.

60 minutes - $120

Herbal Thai

A full body massage that includes Thai stretches, Swedish and Lomi Lomi massage, combined with massage using the soothing heat of Thai ‘stems’. These linen stems contain medicinal Thai herbs which are steamed, absorbing into the bloodstream to gently detoxify the body. A very relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

90 minutes - $150


Jade Stone Massage

Experience the serene healing power of warm jade stones in this luxurious massage.

60 minutes - $120


Sacred Stone

Ultra mind-body relaxation results from the use of heated lava stones balanced by strategic placement of cool marble. The healing energy of the stones is further enhanced by our Asian Amethyst Crystal Mat.

90 minutes - $145

Joy Luck Foot Massage

This invigorating foot massage combines Thai, Japanese and Chinese reflexology and massage techniques to refresh tired and achy feet.

60 minutes - $80


Mehta Face Massage

A calming, non-invasive approach to looking and feeling naturally younger, lifted and energized. This 8 stage Ayurvedic facial is pure acupressure, therapeutic massage and lymphatic techniques. No product is used on the skin. For longer results a series of 6-10 sessions is recommended.

1 hour - $95
Series of 6 sessions - $540

NEW! Non Registered Holistic Massage Treatment

New to Zen Spa Thai or Table massage treatment by our non-registered massage therapists.

Thai Massage ~ 60 minutes - $75 / 90 Minutes - $110
Table Massage ~ 60 minutes - $65



Mystic Rain

Unwind in our steam shower while inhaling your choice of essential oil aromatherapy blend. Excellent before any massage treatment.

Max 15 minutes - $20

Zen Body Polishes

First, relax in our Mystic Rain Aroma Steam Shower. Then, feel the healing warmth of our Asian Amethyst Crystal Mat while your skin is massaged and exfoliated with an energizing and fragrant body polish of your choice. Your skin will feel silky smooth after a moisturizing finishing massage.

75 minutes - $125


You choose the stimulating or relaxing aromatherapy blend in this creamy and textured scrub.

Lucky Bamboo

Refreshing lemongrass and crushed bamboo with a soft sandy texture.


Coconut Papaya Sugar

Invigorating and delicious.

Organic Sugar Scrub

Natural sugar suspended in organic oils create this luxurious scrub.
Available Scents: Lavender Mint, Mandarin Mango, Spearmint Vanilla.


Zen Body Wraps

Begin with a relaxing Mystic Rain Aroma Steam Shower. Then, escape into a warming body wrap that is detoxifying or hydrating and very relaxing. You will enjoy an essential oil head and neck massage and a moisturizing full body massage completes the treatment.

90 minutes - $145

Oolong Moon

Oolong tea and essential oils are added to creamy, mineral-rich seaweed and mud from the dead sea to improve body tone and detoxify.

Ocean Jade

Therapeutic Seaweed Gel with natural active extracts that absorb into the skin. Choose from Relaxation, Circulation/Anti-Cellulite, Lymph Detox, or Anti-Inflammatory.


Ginger Masala

A moist, herbal wrap containing ginger, eucalyptus, green tea and other herbs to warm and detoxify the body.

Heaven Scent

A luxurious, skin-softening aroma wrap that drenches the body with warm coconut oil and an aroma blend of your choice.