Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy With Amethyst Mat

Feel the long-lasting benefits of our massage treatments combined with aromatherapy massage oil. You will enjoy the added warmth of our exclusive Asian Amethyst Crystal Mat. Far-Infrared Heat, Negative Ions and a bed of Amethyst Crystals help to improve immune function, ease pain, and detoxify your body.


For body treatments you will be asked to undress, but will always be properly draped with a top sheet or towel. Keeping underwear on is an option, and for spa treatments if you are not comfortable without underwear, please bring an extra pair, or wear a bathing suit bottom.

30 minutes - $60
45 minutes - $75
60 minutes - $90
75 minutes - $110
90 minutes - $125
1 hour 45 minutes - $145

Swedish Relaxation

Gentle or deeper pressure. The ultimate aromatic massage.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Deeper techniques like myofascial release, trigger point and cross fibre usually focus on chronically sore/tight areas and injury repair.


Sports Massage

Helps athletic performance, injury prevention, muscle recovery, range of motion and maintenance.

Pregnancy Massage

Precautions are taken to help alleviate muscular pain and discomfort accompanied by pregnancy.


Neuromuscular TMJ Massage

Targeted head/jaw/neck massage to complement Dental TMJ Treatment Therapy.

Veltheim Lymphatic Drainage Technique

A unique manual lymph drainage massage that incorporates BodyTalk principles.


Add Essential Oil Scalp Massage to any treatment (included in treatment time) - +$15
Add a Mystic Rain Steam Shower prior to your massage - +$20