Energy Therapy

If you believe in the mind-body connection, then it is easy to see how your mental or emotional state can affect your physical body, and vice versa. It’s not always easy to navigate these connections, and there are many ways out there to try to break out of the patterns that lock us into certain mind-body related symptoms. Both BodyTalk and Breakthrough are great ways to get at the underlying roots of any issue and are completely safe and non-invasive.

PaRama BodyTalk

Experience a revolutionary consciousness-based energy medicine that uses subtle muscle biofeedback and specific questions to help determine the imbalances in the body-mind complex, followed by gentle tapping to start the rebalancing process.

60 minutes - $100
Children 14 and under - $90

PaRama BodyTalk & Massage

A half hour massage follows your BodyTalk treatment.

90 minutes - $150


Ready to be free of your mental-emotional 'triggers'? You will be guided through an inquiry process that can shift you from misery to freedom, on Breakthrough at a time!

60 minutes - $100

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and calm the nervous system.

60 minutes - $90