Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy With Amethyst Mat

Feel the long lasting benefits of our massage treatments combined with aromatherapy massage oil. You will enjoy the added healing warmth of our exclusive Asian Amethyst Crystal Mat. Far-Infrared Heat helps to improve immune function, easy pain, and detoxify your body.

30 minutes - $55
75 minutes - $95
45 minutes - $70
90 minutes - $115
60 minutes - $80
1 hour 45 minutes - $130

Swedish Relaxation

Gentle or deeper pressure. The ultimate aromatic massage.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Deeper techniques like myofascial release, trigger point and cross fibre usually focus on chronically sore/tight areas and injury repair.


Sports Massage

Helps athletic performance, injury prevention, muscle recovery, range of motion and maintenance.

Pregnancy Massage

Precautions are taken to help alleviate muscular pain and discomfort accompanied by pregnancy.


Neuromuscular TMJ Massage

Targeted head/jaw/neck massage to complement Dental TMJ Treatment Therapy.

Veltheim Lymphatic Drainage Technique

A unique manual lymph drainage massage that incorporates BodyTalk principles.


Add Essential Oil Scalp Massage to any treatment (included in treatment time) - +$15
Add a Mystic Rain Steam Shower prior to your massage - +$20

Body Treatments and Specialty Massage

Spa Body Treatments

Seven Stars Zen Signature

Spa and massage unite in this luxurious Swedish back massage using hot stones and a warm, creamy mixture of mineral mud, green tea, mineral-rich seaweed and aromatic essential oils to nourish, exfoliate and cleanse the back. Soak up the therapeutic heat of our Asian Amethyst Crystal Mat as you receive a finishing head & neck massage.

60 minutes - $110

Herbal Thai

A full body massage that includes Thai stretches, Swedish and Lomi Lomi massage, combined with massage using the soothing heat of Thai ‘stems’. These linen stems contain medicinal Thai herbs which are steamed, absorbing into the bloodstream to gently detoxify the body. A very relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

90 minutes - $140


Sacred Stone

Ultra mind-body relaxation results from the use of heated lava stones balanced by strategic placement of cool marble. The healing energy of the stones is further enhanced by our Asian Amethyst Crystal Mat.

90 minutes - $135

Joy Luck Foot Massage

This invigorating foot massage combines Thai, Japanese and Chinese reflexology and massage techniques to refresh tired and achy feet.

60 minutes - $75


Mehta Face Massage

A calming, non-invasive approach to looking and feeling naturally younger, lifted and energized. This 8 stage Ayurvedic facial is pure acupressure, therapeutic massage and lymphatic techniques. No product is used on the skin. For longer results a series of 6-10 sessions is recommended.

1 hour - $85
Series of 6 sessions - $480



Mystic Rain

Unwind in our steam shower while inhaling your choice of essential oil aromatherapy blend. Excellent before any massage treatment.

Max 15 minutes
- $20

Zen Body Polishes

First, relax in our Mystic Rain Aroma Steam Shower. Then, feel the healing warmth of our Asian Amethyst Crystal Mat while your skin is massaged and exfoliated with an energizing and fragrant body polish of your choice. Your skin will feel silky smooth after a moisturizing finishing massage.

75 minutes - $100

Lucky Bamboo

Refreshing lemongrass and crushed bamboo with a soft sandy texture.

Organic Sugar Scrub

Refreshing lemongrass and crushed bamboo with a soft sandy texture.
Natural sugar suspended in organic oils create this luxurious scrub.
Available Scents: Lavender Mint, Mandarin Mango, Spearmint Vanilla.


Zen Body Wraps

Begin with a relaxing Mystic Rain Aroma Steam Shower. Then, escape into a warming body wrap that is detoxifying or hydrating and very relaxing. You will enjoy an essential oil head and neck massage and a moisturizing full body massage completes the treatment.

90 minutes - $135

Oolong Moon

Oolong tea and essential oils are added to creamy mud from the dead sea to improve body tone and detoxify.

Ocean Jade

Therapeutic Seaweed Gel with natural active extracts that absorb into the skin. Choose fromCirculation/Anti-Cellulite, or Lymph Detox.


Ginger Masala

A warming and stimulating herbal wrap containing ginger, eucalyptus, green tea and other herbs to warm and detoxify the body.

Heaven Scent

A luxurious, skin-softening aroma wrap that drenches the body with warm coconut oil and an aroma blend of your choice.

Spa Packages

Earth & Sky

Mystic Rain Steam Shower. Zen Body Wrap or Polish. Massage. Temple Goddess Pedicure. Essential Oil Scalp Massage.

3 hours - $235

Royal Dragon for Men

Mystic Rain Steam Shower . Back Exfoliation and Massage . Working Man’s Pedicure . Royal Dragon Facial

3 1/2 hours - $310


Mystic Rain Steam Shower . Zen Body Polish . Zen Body Wrap . Aroma Massage . Essential Oil Scalp Massage.

2 1/2 hours - $245

Three Treasures

Temple Goddess Pedicure . Rising Phoenix Facial. Essential Oil Scalp Massage

3 hours - $245

Lucky Star

Seven Stars Signature Massage . Temple Goddess Pedicure

2 1/2 hours - $195

Thank You India

Mehta Face Massage . Indian Masala Foot Massage

1 1/2 hours - $140

Yin & Yang

New Moon Manicure . Temple Goddess Pedicure

3 hours - $135

Yoga Express

Express Thai Foot Massage . Express Thai Massage

1 1/2 hours - $120


Zen Facials

Rising Phoenix Facial

This Environ facial is designed to restore radiance and vitality to the skin using natural skin care products full of active ingredients to address any skin type. Extractions and facial stone massage included. Be ready to relax!

75 minutes - $145

Royal Dragon Facial

This relaxing face treatment for men is specifically designed to deep cleanse and nourish men’s skin using our medical-grade Environ skincare. Extractions, ingrown hair removal and facial stone massage included.

75 minutes - $145


Peach Blossom Facial

A gentle start for teen needing deep pore cleansing, extractions and expert Environ skincare advice suited to their needs.

45 minutes - $115

Back Facial

Show your back as much care as your face. Experience a deep cleanse and a warm stone massage. Great for back acne.

45 minutes - $70

Zen Hands and Feet

All classic and deluxe manicure and pedicure treatments include a green tea foot soak, cuticle clean up, nail shape, massage, polish application and a complimentary polish for at home maintenance.

Add French or Nail Art +$10
Add Gel Polish Application +$15
Add Gel Polish Removal +$15

Joy Luck Temple Goddess Pedicure

The ultimate in relaxation! Enjoy our Temple Goddess Pedicure with an added half hour of relaxing Foot Massage. Exfoliation and paraffin included.

2 hours - $120

Temple Goddess Pedicure

No need to rush! Our deluxe Pedicure Includes all the basics of the Classic with an added exfoliating scrub and hydrating paraffin treatment. Good for those feet needing some extra attention!

90 minutes - $85


The Classic Pedicure

Refresh your feet with a warm green tea soak followed by cuticle removal, nail care, and a relaxing foot and lower leg massage. We end this wonderful service with an application of  colour with your complimentary polish for at home touch ups.

60 minutes - $70

New Moon Manicure

Our deluxe Manicure Includes an exfoliating scrub and paraffin wax.

60 minutes - $55


The Classic Manicure

Let your hands be renewed in a warm green tea soak followed by a cuticle clean up, nail shaping, and a relaxing hand and arm massage. We end this beautiful service with an application of colour with your complimentary polish for at home touch ups.

45 minutes - $45

Zen Zen Girl

For ages 6-13! Quick finger and toe polish including nail art design.

30 minutes - $35

Nail Enhancements

We offer a high performance gel nail extension system that gives you a beautiful, long lasting nail solution.
Receive 10% off your fills when you rebook your appointment to take part of our gel loyalty program.

Akzentz Gel Nails

Gel Extensions


Gel Extensions with French or Nail Art


Gel Extension Fill



Orly Gel Polish

Orly Gel FX is a vitamin infused gel polish system that lasts for up to ten days with no fuss.

Gel Polish Application - Hands


Gel Polish Application - Feet


Gel Polish Removal




Tinting, Hair Removal & Make-Up

We use liquid, hard wax, or sugar depending on preference and skin type. Prices may vary depending on time.


1/2 Leg


Full Leg




French Bikini




Full Leg and Bikini


Chest or Back






Upper Lip




Upper Lip and Chin




Brows, Upper Lip and Chin


Brow Tint and Wax



Brow Tint


Lash Tint


Make-Up Application Eyes


Add Lashes




Women’s Haircut


Men’s Haircut


Child's (6-13yrs)


Children's (under 5yrs)


*Complimentary Bang/Neck trims for Zen Hair Studio clients


Blow Dry






*includes trial appointment

Colours & Perms



Partial Highlights


Full Highlights


Permanent Wave or Straighteners


Colour Retouch


Colour and Foils


Energy Therapy

PaRama BodyTalk

Experience a revolutionary consciousness-based energy medicine that uses subtle muscle biofeedback and specific questions to help determine the imbalances in the body-mind complex, followed by gentle tapping to start the rebalancing process.

60 minutes - $100
Children 14 and under - $90

PaRama BodyTalk & Massage

A half hour massage follows your BodyTalk treatment.

90 minutes - $135


Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle, hands-on approach that releases tension deep in the body to relieve pain and calm the nervous system.

60 minutes - $80